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Handmade by Jenny:
DIY - Holiday Card star
This project works great in January when it's time to take down all the holiday decorations, or anytime if you've saved your cards from years past. Here is something you can make out of all the cards you received. It's a holiday card star! Start with a wall full of cards.

Now print out this pattern.
Copy it on to your cards by cutting it out and tracing it. Then draw in the fold lines with a ruler. You can score along the fold lines too if you like, and that will make it fold easier. To score, just run one edge of a scissor along the fold line using a ruler. Be sure not to press too hard so you don't cut through!

Now fold.

Glue along the long flap to close each point of the star. Make 20 of these.

Now print out this pattern.
Use heavy card stock if you have it, or print it out on regular paper and paste it to a cereal box or other light cardboard. This is the body of the star. Cut it out and fold along all the lines.

Now glue it together and it should look like this:

Next you can glue the points on to the star. After I glued on 5 of them it looked like a spaceship that landed in an alien forest!

Here's what it looks like when it is done. Tada!

I used mine as a tree topper. Snip off the end of one of the points with scissors and cut a hole in the base with an exacto knife for the tree stem to fit in.

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