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These masks are big soft heads you can wear on top of your real head! Soft and plushy, creepy yet cute! These oversized masks always get a reaction. Some people will want to hug you, some will want to run away screaming! Handmade with love and attention to detail by me, Jenny H. Each mask takes many hours to create. Put one on and become someone else. Dance around and lose your inhibitions!

All masks are custom made. You can order a replica of any of the masks you see pictured here, or email me to discuss different colors and styles. Please allow time for me to create one especially for you. Current wait time is estimated at 3 WEEKS but could be longer or shorter depending on how many orders I have. If you are ordering something for a special occasion, please let me know!

Each mask is hand made from limited supplies of vintage and other special fabrics and embellishments. Colors and texture may vary depending on what materials are available at the time of your order. It may vary from the pictures shown here due the nature of hand made art. Every creation is unique! If there is anything specific you want for your mask, eye color for example, please let me know so I can do my best to make your special creation exactly how you want it!

Also be sure to scroll down to see all the pictures on this page, there are lots of them!

Please email me if you'd like to have a mask custom made for you!
Unicorn mask
Mod Duck Mask
Alien Lamb Mask
Vampire Hamster Mask
Squirrel Mask

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