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Mung bean sprouts on Saturn

This is a short backwards story. These bubbles are the babies of the Saturnian Bleeb and some overgrown mung bean sprouts. She says they are her babies but you know what they say about beans and toots, so I am not sure what to believe.


The Saturnian Bleeb discovered the sprouts. They had only been on the surface of Saturn for about seven hours before she rolled along. She loved them! She ate them all up and didn’t save any for anyone else on the whole planet!

mung bean sprouts

The sprouts sent themselves to Saturn because they decided they were too overgrown to be eaten here on earth. Here you can see the sprouts planning their trip.

Saturnian Bleeb discovers sprouts

If they were to be eaten by earthlings, they would have been delicious with some carrot ginger dressing and sliced Jerusalem artichokes. Let me know if you want the recipe for the dressing.

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