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Joyous vernal equinox

baby hug
A special visitor spent some time with us. He has now gone home and I miss him so. I had so much fun giving him a huggah! I Hope to see the baby again soon!

pillow eats baby
I think maybe baby liked the Devourer pillows better than me. I am not jealous.

I am so happy that spring has sprung! Today the tree in my bedroom bloomed. That hibiscus just opened up and said, “Let’s get VERNAL on this EQUINOX!” Then I said, “What’s a VERNAL?” Then we both laughed and I promised him I’d move him outside when the weather gets warm enough, so he can enjoy more direct sunlight. Little does he know that I am going to chop him up and make many baby hibiscuses from his twigs. It may hurt him a little, but it will be so nice to have baby trees to give away to friends. I’ve received word that babies from previous years that are now living in different homes are blooming nicely now too!

Perhaps the things that I am most excited about today is that I found out last night that I am related to the man in the moon! I was out getting a good look at the Supermoon at around midnight when I was able to see in detail the resemblance between him and I. So I skyped him and we had a grand old chat about our great-great-great grandma in common, Ethel Marmalood. It’s good to know people in high places. He said if I ever need help with anything ocean related, he’s got pull.

One Response to “Joyous vernal equinox”

  1. Jenny Says:

    Can you please tell the man in the moon that I want to start a cucumber farm up there? What is his first name anyway? It’s good to be on a first name basis.