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making egg nog

So some of us decided to make some eggnog to get in the holiday spirit. It didn’t really come out that great. By “nog” they mean pistachio shells, right? If you have a favorite eggnog recipe that we could try, please sharrrrrrre…RAWR…I mean, ours realllly came out bad!

Tri-eye Brooches

Also, this is very important: Jenny will be teaching a workshop at Gallery Hanahou in NYC tomorrow at 1pm. We will be making these colorful tri-eye flower brooches. They are fun and easy to make. You can also wear them on a headband or hang them on your Christmas tree or hide them in places where people will be surprised to find them. People like your boss or your cousin. What else could you do with them? Full info on the workshop at the following link + scroll down. Come and join us, it will be fun!

Love, The Colossal Gigantohuggah (who has taken over this blog)

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