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A very important meeting

monsters under the tree

We monsters have gathered here together under the Christmas tree to discuss some very important matters. First and foremost, we are taking over this blog! Jenny our maker has been a grumpypuss nonblogging sillypants dummyhead all year and we are tired of being boxed away in the closet.

monsters cheer

Second on our list of pressing matters is that we need hugs. We are very lacking in the hugs department. We need REAL hugs and we need them NOW! Thusly, we will also be taking over the sadly neglected shop so that we can all find new homes and live happily ever after.

the monsters catch up

After we get reacquainted with each other and take care of some of the above mentioned affairs, we shall take a break for some cookies, and then we will reconvene to decide which monsters have the right qualities to lead each division of our new operations.

3 out of 5 eyes

Well anyway, we are all going to go take over the kitchen and try and figure out how to make some eggnog now.

Love, The Colossal Gigantohuggah

best meeting ever

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