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The Bat Flower

Bat Flower
Here is a little piece entitled Bat Flower that I sent to Monkeyhouse Toys for a charity benefit art show that opens tonight.

5" x 7", fabric, beads, fun fur, embroidery floss, thread, ready to hang in a glittery frame

Info about the show:
A Charity Art Show and Sale
to benefit Junkiri School, Hopeful Vocational
School and Children for Green Nepal

Opening reception on Saturday, September 19th, 5pm-9pm
Work will be on view through September 30th

100% of the proceeds from this show will be going to benefit the Junkiri School, the Hopeful Vocational School, and Children for Green Nepal.

Please visit to learn more about GALA and these wonderful and needed programs.

“Junkiri means firefly in Nepali, the idea of the school’s name is that the children create their own light to guide them through life.”

Artists include:

Chirag Bangdel
Astha Tuladhar
Amit Baniya
Rabin Maharjan
Sabnum Shrestha
Juju Kaji Maharjan
Bisnu Lama
Josh Taylor
Jenna Colby
Dee Chavez
Mary J. Hoffman
Lauren Preston
John Hicks
Heather Chavez
Carl Lozada
Chris Hartford
Alina Chau
Kelly Thompson
Spooky Daddy
Bee Harris
Donna Letterese
Jenny Harada
Frank Furlong
Christine Velez
Jonathan Bueno
Christian Robles
Monkeyhouse Toys & Art Gallery
1618 1/2 Silver Lake Bl.
Los Angeles, CA 90026

old seal and containers
Here is a velour seal that I made when I was about 10 yrs old. It was commissioned by my grandmother. She kept it on top of her perfectly made bed complete with bedspread for many years. I inherited it back from her about seven years ago. Here she is trying to see which is taller, her or the pile of #6 containers I have saved for a project. If she stands on her tippy flippers, she is indeed taller!

ladybug mater
Bacterial speck has overcome. It has been a bad year for tomatoes, folks. Well it’s kinda cute how this one looks like a ladybug anyway. My two yr old noticed it. She was saying, "Ladybug, mommy! Ladybug, mommy!" and it was right in my hand and it took me a while to find the ladybug.

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