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Foody fails

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

buns of steel
I’ve been feeling super experimenty in the kitchen lately. The more you experiment, the more chances you have to get things wrong. First up we have pumpernickel buns of steel. You can also call them fauxtatoes or rocks. I think my yeast is dead. Must buy new jar.

marshmallow treats
Here are some healthified krispy treats. I thought they tasted good but the family hardly touched them so that’s not a great sign. Enjoying your own bad cooking methinks is akin to not being offended by one’s own toots.

rainbow or coal lump jello
Finally, here is rainbow jello with too much blue layer and so it mostly looked like coal lumps. YUM!

Ok yes I’ve relinquished the notion that it is important to put pretty borders on the pictures. It takes too long and there are monstery things that need to be done around here. I must figure out how to create an automatic Photoshop action to assume the task. I will consult Dr. Googy on that one soon. Or if you can teach me, I’ll send you a batch of your favorite of any of the above tasty morsels. I joke. My next attempt is going to be to make homemade Twinkies. Wish me luck. I have a recipe but it says nothing about any orange flavor. Am I crazy to think that there is a hint of orange flavor in Twinkies? Haven’t had one in years, so perhaps I am inventing that memory. I think injecting the creamy filling will be fun! And now I am going to go try to sleep but how will it be possible with homemade Twinkies on the mind?