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Newish Things

Hello hey hey I added three new things to my Etsy shop today. Well whaddayaknow, I am so proud of myself. I also renewed five older items and listed one thing on ebay and one thing on craigslist. I am just free as a bird, so busy hopping all over the internets. Whee! See you later, I am gonna go virtually relax on Facebook now and leave you with this pretty picture. Well I think it’s pretty anyway.

Self Watering Rockflower
It is a little art I made for Secret Art Works, a charity art benefit for Art Works gallery in Cincinnati. The show is over now, so I am able to reveal this secret art!

Self Watering Rockflower

Oh but wait, I have something else to share! Look at these beautiful coloring pages I found via the Crafty Crow today. We love coloring pages around here and these ones are so fun with all the little details. It makes me want to draw up some pretty pages like this too. So inspiring! I’ve been wanting to make a coloring book for some time now, but it never seems to surface at the top of my list. Can’t wait to print these out and color tomorrow. I try to have one activity ready for after school every day. I couldn’t be luckier because my kiddo loves making stuff and being creative as much as I do. We had so much fun with this gingerbread boy project. He said, “Daddy is going to be so in love with us when he sees this!”

gingerbread boy

One Response to “Newish Things”

  1. Kari Says:

    I absolutely love this! I can’t wait to decorate big gingerbread boys with my preschool students! Thanks! Collages are sooo fun.