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MF Toys Show

Saturday, November 15th, 2008

Here are two new guys that I made for the MF Toys Show. I have plans to go out tomorrow night and attend the opening also! That should be a fun time. I sent along Paulie and Mini R. T. for the show too since they they haven’t been out in the Big Apple yet.

Cherry Bum
Cherry Bum

(You may notice he looks a lot like Rain-bow Bile-bow. Well yes, that is because they are identical step-brothers! If you are interested in adopting R. B., here is the place to click. You can see the rest of the available Plush You SF plushes here.)

Evil Weevil
Evil Weevil

I feel like I may have named somebody else Evil Weevil too. It’s the kind of name that keeps floating around in my head. Oh well lots of people have the same names. This guy is not really evil though. Unless you consider destroying crops and spreading E. Coli to be evil. His legs are made from one of my daughter’s super cute shirts that she has now grown out of. The rest of him is made out of pure evil. Oh yeah so I guess he is evil then.

Here’s more info on the show, from MF:
WHERE: Live Fast NYC 57 Clinton St. (b/w Rivington & Stanton) NY NY 10002
WHEN: Opening Party Saturday November 15th, 7-11 pm

Every year since 2003, MF Gallery’s Martina and Frank have been gathering the very best in art toys for their annual “MF Toys Show.” This year, the show will be at Live Fast, NYC.

Some of the artists in this show are toy makers, others were asked to create a toy especially for this show. All toys are 100% hand-made originals- no painted vinyl or custom jobs. The toys and are priced to fit every budget, (priced from $6-$600) and will be “Cash & Carry”, meaning that buyers will be able to take their toys home with them immediately.

Check out tons of unique items by: MF Toys, Angie Mason, Elmer Presslee, Ciou, Ed Repka, Jenny Harada, Peggy & Jurg, Tyson Summers, Moses Jaen, Jaz Harold, Fernando Carpaneda, Anna Cosulich, Heather Gargon, Luis Lorenzana, Nikki Taylor, and Many More…

Live Fast NYC is a cool little Rock ‘n’ Roll Clothing store located at 57 Clinton St. In New York City’s Lower East Side. Opened in 2005 by C.C. Bullets of the Gotham Girls Rollerderby, Live Fast features day-glo wall art by MF Gallery artist Joe Simko, and carries all sorts of rockin’ duds, sometimes hand-made by small designers.

The opening party, (On Saturday November 15th from 7 to 11 pm) co-hosted by MF Gallery and Live Fast, will certainly draw a colorful mix of art lovers, rockers, and all sorts of tattooed freaks. Admission is free and open to all ages. There will be free beer (21+) all night long.

This year, kick off the Holiday Shopping season by checking out some one-of-a-kind gifts at the 2008 MF Toys Show!

For more information, contact Martina or Frank at or (917)446-8681.

O Frabjous Day!

Thursday, November 6th, 2008

Hooray for Obama! Last night I was crying tears of joy. I am so happy today. I am sick with some sort of flu and my muscles are all acting crazy, but who cares? Just YAYAYAY!

Halloween is my favorite. Here are a few pics from the other day.
Rain-bow Bile-bow and Zebra
My Little Zebra poses with Rain-Bow Bile-Bow, who will make his first public appearance at Plush You in San Francisco on Friday.

bat in flight
Bat in Flight. Candy acquired! Swoosh!

Another one of my current favorite zebra.

days later
Days later he is still wearing the bat cowl I made for him. It is made of fleece, so it is really cozy.

trick or treat
Ok just one more cute zebra pic. I originally made the zebra costume for my big boy. Recycled costumes are good. Takes some of the pressure off mama and are just as cute. I was pretty useless for making costumes in the final hours before Halloween anyway because my hand turned into a puffy lobster claw from working with foam on other people’s costumes. So I didn’t end up dressing up myself. Pressure off!

Paulie Bo Bawly
Oh plopsie whoopsie I am upside down!
Added this guy to the shop.