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Vote for the Craftiest Bastard!

Sunday, September 28th, 2008

I just voted! Can you guess who my favorite Crafty Bastard in the running is? Some hints: She makes awesome plush, is a mother of two, and is the wife of a tattoo artist. No, it’s definitely not me, it’s Heidi of My Paper Crane! It’s a heated race with Heidi and one other nominee running neck and neck for first place. Every vote counts! I, on the other hand, am nominating myself for the UNcraftiest Bastard. I am at home today with a tornado in my tummy. I should be hanging out at the fabulous Crafty Bastards Craft Fair with my creatures and saying hi to all my crafty friends. UNfair. But I must not dwell. I have two huge bags of plush and all sorts of other schtuffs that now must be photographed and added to the Pomly shop instead. But for now, it’s some more Pepto Bismol and a nap for me, the Uncraftiest Bastard, J.H.

I’m a Twit

Saturday, September 27th, 2008

I just joined Twitter. I didn’t think I would, but then I caved. Total peer pressure! Seems like it could be fun. I’m pomly. Are you a twitterer? Let’s be twittering pals!

I must go finish for packing up for Crafty Bastards now. I will shove off in to the deep dark night and head south at 3am! I’ll leave you with some randoms…
strange car


Plush You!

Friday, September 26th, 2008

Here are some pics of the guys I sent to Plush You! this year.

Mommy Swami
Mommy Swami getting hugged by my big boy. (I did not send big boy to Plush You!)

black hole
Mommy Swami imploding.
I made the turning hole too small and so it took a while to turn her inside out. Little by little, nudge nudge, poke poke. I have destroyed many a creature by making the very same fatal mistake – hole too small. Luckily, Mommy Swami escaped with her life this time.

Mommy Swami
Just Mommy Swami, a proper portrait. She insisted.

Noir Neige
Noir Neige. Do you know the translation?
N. N. seems to have a little navy in his appendages. Hmmm, He appeared to be 100% noir indoors. Well I’m not going to rename him now.

I am glad I got a nice pic of the orange mums in the picture above with Noir Neige because this is what they looked like after this morning’s rain. I hope they will perk back up! I may have to intervene with sticks and string.

Babraham Blincoln
Babraham Blincoln

Now I am working on gathering up everything I need for Crafty Bastards on Sunday. I’ll be there all by my lonesome. Well, I will be the only human permanently stationed in the J. H. tent anyway. Please do stop by and say hello to me and the fuzzy critters! Right now I’ve got a tickle in my throat and the forecast is 50% rain, so I’ll be gargling with baking soda and doing the sunshine dance from now until Sunday.

Cuppy cuppy cuppy cuppy

Monday, September 22nd, 2008

After a long summer of not much baking, I went oven crazy and made cupcakes four times in the past two weeks. First it was not my unbirthday and so you know there was no way I was not going to have cupcakes. I made vanilla with chocolate frosting. I used the Magnolia Bakery recipe. I’d heard so many raves about it being THE perfect cupcake recipe. Well it was delicious but not ultra heavenly or anything. Maybe I did something wrong. Everyone gobbled them up anyway. Maybe I should venture east and try one made by Magnolia proper so I can compare.

Then my boy had a playground date with some kids from his old school so of course I had to bring cupcakes. This time I made lemon with cream cheese icing and yellow sugar crystals sprinkled on top. I was so excited to use these large sugar crystals I got at Whole Foods that were naturally colored. They looked so pretty and cheerful at first, but the heat of the day made the color seep out of the sugar and disappear into the icing. Oh well. Delicious again nonetheless! Fresh lemon zest is the best in the west.

Then we had a BDAYBBQ to celebrate my husband’s and mine combined. This time I went for chocolate because I figured it would be a real crowd pleaser. Yeah, they were the best cupcakes so far. And I made them big instead of my usual mini. Decadent! I used my rubbery square cupcake thingies and they garnered some oohs and aahs. Yay!

Finally, I made a fourth batch for no special occasion other than because I had a large amount of carrots that needed to be used up. We forgot to put out the crunchy veggies at the BDAYBBQ, whoops! I just used my standby banana bread recipe and swapped out the bananas for carrot mush. Mighty tasty. Now I am tempted to see what other veggies I can cram into cuppies. Sweet potato and pumpkin come to mind. Reminds me of The Sneaky Chef. Difference: I am totally willing to disclose all veggie usage. Thanks for reading my tale of many cupackes. Sorry no pics. None of them came out nearly as delicious as the cakes themselves. Now here is a movie that you can watch that has nothing to do with cupcakes.

This is the project I mentioned in my last blog entry that was way back in July. (July? Oh my! Where did August go?) It was so much fun making this movie with Margot and her family. But I am not an excellent blogger so I forgot to show off until now. Actually, I have been staying away from the computer for the past two months because my baby has learned how to get up on the computing chair and seriously mess things up. Thank bejeezus for our new wireless mouse that can be placed high and away. Well it’s her naptime now so if you’ll excuse me I am going to try and tackle Mt. Inbox and maybe read a few of the 9,114 articles that are waiting for me in my Bloglines. Hmmm… but maybe I’ll have a cupcake first. Oh yeah and Mark’s actual un-unbirthday is in two days, with possible celebration tomorrow, so I guess it’s time to start planning the next batch of you know whats. Flavor suggestions anyone?